Namaste France · D-Nail 1.2 Digital Vaporizer E-nail kit 220v Edition

D-Nail 1.2 Digital Vaporizer E-nail kit 220v Edition

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Le Grizzly Originals™ Vgrinder est fabriqué  du même type d'aluminium utilisé en aéronautique. Il est spécialement prévu pour broyer la matière prévu pour la vaporisation.

Ce broyeur est a la fois esthétique et efficace, composé de 3 parties avec des lames en forme de diamant. Nous recommandons d'utiliser un de nos broyeur Grizzly Originals™  pour obtenir de meilleurs résultats.

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NamasteVapes Nettoyant (30ml) La bouteille de taille parfaite de solution de nettoyage pour votre vaporisateur et accessoire, notre formule de nettoyant spécial est facilement appliqué avec le bouteille pulvérisateur. Comment Utiliser le Nettoyant NamasteVapes   Inclus: 1 x Nettoyant NamasteVapes Bouteille 30ml 

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  • D-Nail 1.2 Digital Vaporizer E-nail kit 220v Edition
  • D-Nail 1.2 Digital Vaporizer E-nail kit 220v Edition

  The best e-nail on the planet from D-Nail have arrived at Namaste Vapes UK. The D-Nail Digital Essential Oil Vaporizers have been voted #1 by High Times magazines two years running and there is still nothing we can see which comes close. E-nails are getting more and more popular but the problem for those of us in Europe who want high end e-nails is that most of them are designed and built in the US, and so they are all set up to run at 110v, which means that they won't work in Europe. D-Nail looked across the pond and decided this wasn't good enough. To solve the problem they have now brought out the 'Euro Power' range of Digital Vaporizers and this Euro Power 1.2 e-nail kit will do everything you could ask of it and more. It has been built specifically to run at 220v so it will work perfectly over here in Europe without any problems at all. The temperature of your heater coil and nail is maintained perfectly to an accuracy of within one degree and it is really easy to adjust thanks to the digital LCD screen which is on the front of the unit. Included in the kit are a 220v D-Nail 1.2 Digital Control Station, a D-Nail slim series nail with two different bases to make sure your nail will fit any standard joints, a D-Nail 220v heater coil with kevlar sheath, a power cord and a full instruction manual. The unit is also covered by a two year warranty so you have piece of mind that it will be with you and working perfectly for a long long time. The unit is available in a choice of blue or black and you can select your choice from the drop down menu.  

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