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  • Grinder Tamis Bronze 4 Parties | SX4  Ce Grinder Tamis original SX4 est constitué de quatre sections finies en aluminium qui se vissent ensemble pour former un excellent appareil de broyage incluant un tamis. Ce grinder intelligent est doté de dents aiguisées en forme de losange et d'un couvercle magnétique, la...
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Brought to you by FLYTLAB, the FLYT STIK is a compact concentrate vaporizer full of technology and efficient features. For maximum efficiency and capacity, it offers interchangeable heating chambers. The "Dual Quartz" heating chamber has a huge loading area (twice the size of a standard chamber) and a base made of two quartz rods encased in high grade titanium coils which can deliver temperatures of up to twice the heat of the ceramic slab making it ideal for producing big clouds. The "Ceramic Slab" heating chamber is ideal for savouring the flavour with low-temperature vaporization thanks to its high grade ceramic base and walls giving you an equally large loading area. The FLYT STIK gives the user the opportunity to fully customise their vaping experience thanks to its four distinct temperature settings and its unique 'FLYT mode.' FLYTLAB have really put user convenience at the heart of the design for this vaporizer, and have created something ideal for both entry-level users and the connoisseur. The FLYT STIK has a smart one-button control which enables you to forget about having to hold a button whilst you vape - simply click the power button once and if the temperature setting has been confirmed you can then enjoy a 10 second hit. It is a simple 3 clicks of the power button to turn the vaporizer on/off, and two clicks on the power button will adjust your temperature settings. To check the battery level, simply press and hold the power button once the device is switched off. If the vaporizer needs charging, it will only take 1.5 hours to fully charge it and it can still be used whilst on charge. Thanks to its auto-shutoff feature, the FLYT STIK will heat for 10-12 seconds and then cool down before shutting off saving you battery power. With a heat up time of just two seconds, the FLYT STIK really is a must-have for anyone wanting a quick, efficient, customisable and usefully delivered dose every time.

What's included?

  • Charging Dock
  • Manual
  • 2 Cartridges
  • USB Wire
  • Dab Tool
  • Hat Pin
  • Stickers

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