Magic Butter Filters and Glove
Magic Butter Filters and Glove
Magic Butter Filters and Glove
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Magic Butter Filters and Glove

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La description

Magic Butter Filters and Glove

This 4-Pack by Magical Butter consists of one Love Glove, and three Purify Filters. It is your seriously durable, complete straining accessory kit!

The Purify Filters are nylon mesh bags which are used for easy filtering of botanical extracts. They are reusable and extremely durable and give you the ability to safely, easily and quickly separate sediment from your recipes.

These filters are built to last thanks to their premium quality construction. The filters have varied pore sizes allowing customized, consistent straining of the botanical extracts you require. The three filter sizes are 25, 73 and 220 microns.

25 Microns is a very fine pore size, best used for straining kif or hashish

73 is for a finer tincture and better clarity, it removes more plant residue from alcohol

220 is much larger, ideal for butter or thicker extracts

If you want a more thorough strain, Magical Butter suggest using all three filters in size order from larger to smaller.

The Love Glove takes away the need for an old-fashioned oven glove. It is made from extra strong, durable silicone and with its five-finger design and raised LoveGrip, it ensures non-slip no matter what!

This glove will not absorb stains or odours, it is heat-protected so you can safely handle food in boiling water, a hot oven or even a BBQ as well as being able to easily open tight jars. The Love Glove safely allows you to strain sanitarily by preventing your hand contacting the hot liquids in the Purify Filter.

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