• ‘bl carball' 'skull' activated charcoal adapter 14.4mm
  • ‘bl carball' 'skull' activated charcoal adapter 18.8mm

Black Leaf Carball Skull Activated Charcoal Adapter

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Black Leaf Carball Skull Activated Charcoal Adapter

This skull shaped adapter is filled with activated carbon which filters the smoke as it passes through, it sits between the bowl of the bong and the chillum. Using carbonated charcoal has many benefits because it filters out harmful condensates and smoke tar leaving you with much milder smoke which is more gentle on the lungs and makes harsher blends tase a lot smoother, all without affecting its effect. Another benefit is that it will keep your water pipe cleaner for longer as a lot of the tar is filtered through the charcoal. Stainless steel screen included and two sizes available 14.4mm or 18.8mm.

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