Near Dark Blaze Glass Zickzack Bong
Near Dark Blaze Glass Zickzack Bong
Near Dark Blaze Glass Zickzack Bong
Near Dark Blaze Glass Zickzack Bong
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Near Dark Blaze Glass Zickzack Bong

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Near Dark ‘Blaze Glass' Zickzack Bong

Blaze Glass bring you this royal looking borosilicate glass bong, its dark Blue accents compliment the Gold finish beautifully and its unique Z kink sets it apart from other bongs and make it look like an Aztec relic.

Standing at 330mm with a diameter of 51mm and a glass thickness of 5mm its a very sturdy bong and although it doesn't necessarily have ice notches (ice catcher) the design of it means you could put some ice in the neck of the bong (just be careful not to block the pipe). An adapter with diffuser slits is provided and also a glass funnel bowl with a comfortable and sturdy handle to pull it out when your ready for that final kick.

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