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Near Dark Breit Mini Bong Set with Grinder + Shotgun Pipe

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Grinder Tamis Bronze 4 Parties | SX4
Grinder Tamis Bronze 4 Parties | SX4
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Near Dark Breit' Mini Bong Set with Grinder and Shotgun Pipe

Breit’s mini bong set is a brilliant gift for first time smokers and especially good for those who yearn for the bong on long trips or at festivals. The metal box has a cool rasta design and sleek ‘BREIT’ logo on and it contains a mini beaker style bong with kick/carb hole, 3 pipe cleaners also in the colours of the Rastafari, a 2 part acrylic grinder, 5 spare screens and a mini shotgun pipe, everything you need apart from the material itself. Made from Borosilicate glass, it is strong sturdy and easy to clean.