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Penguin Festival Kit - Black

Penguin Festival Kit - Black
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Grinder Tamis Bronze 4 Parties | SX4
Grinder Tamis Bronze 4 Parties | SX4
Nettoyant NamasteVapes
Nettoyant NamasteVapes
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Penguin Festival Kit - Black

The question isn't "Why do I need one?", the question is "Why wouldn't I get one?!". This kit will get you through any music festival. Brave the mud, the rain and the ten minutes of sunshine with the Penguin Festival Kit at your side. This kit is conveniently filled with crucial vaping and smoking essentials to keep your party going! The Penguin Vaporizer is an amazing dry herb vaporizer perfect for on the go vaping. Plus you will receive a grinder, rolling papers and more to meet all your festival party needs.

What’s in the Kit?

  • 1x Black Penguin Vaporizer
  • 1x 2 Part SX4 Grinder 50mm Silver
  • 2x Hornet Transparent King Size Clear Rolling Papers
  • 2x Hornet Pre-rolled King Size Natural Hemp Rolling Paper Cones (Pack of 3)
  • 2x Hornet Naturel Unbleached Hemp and Cotton Perforated Rolling Tips
  • 2x Hornet Hemp Natural Unrefined King Size Slim Rolling Papers and Tips
  • 2x Smelly Proof Baggie Black - Small - Single