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Seedo Home Growing Device

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La description

The Seedo is the ultimate 21st century integrated grow system for people looking to take back control.
The fridge sized box will grow your favourite plants in optimised conditions using the minimum of energy and producing the maximum yield. This 21st century compact automated hydroponic growing system is a must for the people looking to achieve control over their herbs and plants. The Seedo uses the latest in agronomic control systems that are continually learning to deliver amazing yields with minimum energy use. From Seed to harvest time the Seedo has you covered with automatic light adjustment through the grow cycle and with hermetic seals so the Seedo keeps all the smells locked in.
Seedo is also equipped with CO2 injection, EC & PH sensors to ensure the system continuously adjusts the internal biosphere to achieve outstanding results from seed to harvest.
You can also see whats going on through the integrated HD camera allowing you to check on your babies without opening the door giving you the ultimate reassurance. There is a smartphone app which you can connect to your Seedo which allows you to see how your plant looks without opening the door thanks to the HD camera fitted inside, it also will notify you of any negative changes, allow you to select a proven growth recipe, lock and unlock the door as well as being able to upload and share videos and pictures with friends.
If you get a power cut, as long as the power is re-connected within 12 hours, your plants are safe.
Get yours today to start experience the growing process in a whole new way!

Please allow 60 days for the shipping of this product.

Key Features:

- Smell Proof
- Self adjusting lighting system
- Simulates natural growing conditions to maximize yield
- Auto grow technologies
- Air conditioning system
- CO2 system
- Mineral system
- HD live streaming

How does it work?

Seedo has been created with an incredible amount of technology, to replicate ideal natural conditions for plant growth. Your Seedo will need to be plugged in, and connected to a water and draining supply. If it is not convenient for you to connect to your mains water and drainage, it can also be done manually.
Your specific plant will have individual needs and Seedo enforces a unique growth plan for your chosen plant, and all of this can be controlled through their app.
Seedo has a patent pending lighting system, which will self-adjust to suit your plants growth as well as maintaining ideal distance from your plant. The air conditioning system controls the temperature and humidity levels required for optimum growth. The airtight eco-system means there is no need to use pesticides. The required minerals and CO2 are released when required, meaning all your plant's needs are taken care of. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your plants once they have completed the growth cycle.

What's included?

1 x Seedo Home Grow Device
1 x Nutrient Package
2 x CO2 Cylinders
1 x Rockwool Grow Slab
1 x Carbon Air Filter
1 x Water Filter

Technical Specification:

Height - 101cm
Width - 62cm
Depth - 62cm
Sensors - 10 in total
Power Supply - 220V
Power Consumption - 0.24kWh
LED Light Wattage - 144w
Light Lifespan - 50,000 hours
Air-Conditioning Capacity - Heating 120W, Cooling 340W
Net Capacity - 208 Litres
Water Capacity - 4 gallons (2 gallons in top water tank)
Safety Features - Childlock can be activated through the App
Warranty - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Please note: Any queries relating to the warranty or the device itself after it has been delivered should be addressed with Seedo directly at [email protected]

Les produits Seedo Home Growing sont fabriqués sur commande. Par conséquent, veuillez noter qu'il sera difficile d'annuler votre commande une fois qu'elle aura été confirmée.

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