Namaste France · Startrails by Black Leaf - 4 part 42mm grinder

Startrails by Black Leaf - 4 part 42mm grinder



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Le Grizzly Originals™ Vgrinder est fabriqué  du même type d'aluminium utilisé en aéronautique. Il est spécialement prévu pour broyer la matière prévu pour la vaporisation.

Ce broyeur est a la fois esthétique et efficace, composé de 3 parties avec des lames en forme de diamant. Nous recommandons d'utiliser un de nos broyeur Grizzly Originals™  pour obtenir de meilleurs résultats.

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 The Startrails grinder by the mad scientists at Black Leaf in Germany has all the features and quality of a grinder with a much higher price tag, but then Black Leaf have a reputation for always being extremely aggressive when it comes to pricing their products, so it's no surprise this thing is an absolute bargain. The four-part design uses a bayonet type joint to secure the bottom three sections of the grinder together which means that instead of having to spend ages unscrewing them each time you just give it a simple quarter turn twist and off they pop. The only exception is the top section of the actual grinder part which is held onto the rest of the grinder by a pair of incredibly strong magnets which mean it will never come apart by accident. The actual functionality of the grinder itself is no less impressive. The teeth are blade shaped and so will easily slice and dice even the stickiest material without crushing it all together. Once ground the material can fall through a mass of precisely drilled holes into the main collection section underneath ready to be dispensed. They have of course also built in a sifter screen which allows any loose resin sacks to fall through so they are kept safe for later when you want to use them for that extra little hit. They also supply a plastic scraper tool for you to scrape out the contents of the sifter section. 

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